Diagnostic ultrasound scan

What do we offer?

We offer a diagnostic ultrasound scan in Hertford. The ultrasound scan is not stand alone but part of a complete package. This includes: Examination by an expert clinician, a diagnostic ultrasound scan carried out by the same dual trained clinician who is also a qualified sonographer. You will receive a written report with a diagnosis which includes a deetailed description of ultrasound findings.

The clinic is unique in that  you will receive a comprehensive clinical examination which is then followed by and ultrasound scan. The examination helps to identify the structures such as the joint, muscle, tendon or nerve that might be causing your problems.

In  addition to that the diagnostic ultrasound scan will help to identify more information and can detect damage to tendons,  joints and ligaments etc. This information from examination taken taken together with the information from the ultrasound scan gives a much more comprehensive overview of the problem and it will help to decide how best to manage the condition.

You will also receive a comprehensive report which includes the physical examination findings as well as the diagnostic ultrasound findings. You will also receive further advice and guidance.

Please note this is a point of care ultrasound scan. What this means is that the scan is not a standalone ultrasound examination but rather an adjunct to the physical examination and fully integrated with the physical examination.  You will receive a comprehensive report of the ultraound scan  as well as an expert clinical opinion including any advice.

What happens during the ultrasound examination?

Ultrasound is a safe and painless method of examining parts of the body using high frequency soundwaves, this produces a picture onto a

There is no real preparation for the examination other then to make sure that the body part to be scanned is easily accessible and not covered by clothing so that it can be easily scanned. You will  usually be asked to sit on a chair or examination plinth or asked to lie either face down or face up. In order to get the best quality images you will be asked to hold your limbs in specific positions.

Once you are properly positioned a sheet of tissue paper may be placed over you to protect any clothing from the ultrasound gel. The gel will be applied to your skin and can easily be wiped off at the end of the
examination. This gel is water soluble and will not cause damge to your skin or clothing.

What happens after the scan?

The clinician will discuss the findings of the physical examination as well as the the ultasound examination. They will then advice you in regards to the best course of management. This might involve specific physiotherapy exercises or other treatment options such as ultrasound guided injections or further investigations such as X-ray and MRI.

Ultrasound scanner

High frequency ultrasound scanner