Guided or Unguided?

Ultrasound guided or unguided? What is the diference?

Guided or unguided?

For years there as been a debate about what is better: ultrasound guided or unguided? There is overwhelming evidence that ultrasound guided injections are much more accurate than unguided steroid injections. As needle placement can be monitored under ultrasound guidance it reduces the risk of trauma to structures which improves the injection safety significantly. There is a significant body of research indicating that ultrasound guided injections are not only safer but they also give better and longer lasting pain relief. This means that the benefits are expereinced sooner and the beneficial effects such as pain relief  and improvement in function last longer.

Ultrasound guided injections are delivered by Rob Mast a highly experienced and qualified Extended Scope Physiotherapist with extensive expertise in delivering ultrasound guided injections both in the clinical- as well as the Radiological setting. Rob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing complex musculoskeletal conditions.

You will receive an expert clinical assessment followed by a diagnostic ultrasound scan to determine whether injection therapy is the correct treatment for you. This will help to evaluate the source of your pain symptoms and to identify the correct area to inject.

If injection therapy is not thought to be appropriate for you will be given a full explanation of the assessment findings including advice regarding appropriate management. In that case you will only be charged a fee for the ultrasound scan but not for the injection.


Areas in red are often areas of referred pain from the spine and injections in these areas may not target the source of the pain (the spine). 

If unsure about the source of your pain please discuss further wih us.

List of ultrasound guided procedures offered:

The list of injectable structures displayed in the adjacent box is not exhaustive and does not include all structures that we inject. Please contact us directly if the condition that you are looking for is not listed as we might still be able to help you.

Please note: 

Injections are not given to any person of 16 years of age or younger. Unfortunately we cannot provide injections for professional football players for reasons of insurance.

Injection information leaflets: 

Please make sure that you have read the relevant patient information leaflets  on the relevant type of injection (steroid or Hyaluronic acid) to ensure that injection therapy is appropriate for you. Once you have been booked for an appointent you will  be asked to complete an online  form with questions about the condition you are sufereing from as well as questions about your general medical health this form helps us to plan the procedure and make sure it is an appropriate treatment for you.

Informed consent

On the day of the injection you will be asked to sign an informed consent form. Please make sure that you have read all the information on the injection you will be having including risks and side effects. Without being aware of the risks and side effects you will not be able to provide informed consent so please take some time to read this before your injection.

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