Ultrasound Guided Injections

a patient is having an ultrasound guided injection in the sonoscope pain clinic

What are Ultrasound-guided Injections?

An ultrasound guided injection is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat various painful musculoskeletal conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis and neuritis. Guided injections can be used to perform cyst aspiration as well as to guide the placement of needles for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
Injection of pain medication with a local anaesthetic directly to the site of injury to help relieve pain. The advanced imaging of the ultrasound provides high-resolution images that enable your physician to precisely locate the injections deep into the target tissue without harming surrounding tissues.

There is a significant body of research indicating that ultrasound-guided intra-articular joint injections are not only safer but also give better and longer-lasting pain relief. This means that the benefits are experienced sooner and the beneficial effects such as pain relief and improvement in function last longer.

Who will do my steroid injections?

Ultrasound guided injections such as cortisone injections and hyaluronic acid injections are performed by Rob Mast. Rob is a highly experienced and qualified Extended Scope Physiotherapist with extensive expertise in delivering ultrasound guided injections both in the clinical and the Radiological setting. Rob has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and management of complex musculoskeletal conditions.

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Genuine Patient Reviews

Thomas MurphyThomas Murphy
08:32 04 Jul 22
I had an injection in my ankle last week. Rob was very professional.He explained to me how it was going to work and put my mind at ease. He was very patient with me and took his time trying to pinpoint the area that needed treatment.Very honest and very well priced .I certainly will reccomend him
Jon JohansenJon Johansen
17:54 30 Jun 22
My wife suffered with shoulder pain for ages. A friend of ours recommended ultrasound shoulder steroid injections, so i searched for ultrasound guided injections near me and Sonoscope popped up. I called and i spoke directly with Rob who is the one who performs the ultrasound guided injections and was able to answer all my questions in lay terms so my wife and i were able to make an informed decision and go ahead with the procedure. Before the steroid injection, Rob examined my wife and diagnosed my wife's issue as a frozen shoulder. During the ultrasound injection procedure, Rob was amazing, and you could sense that he was a very experienced clinician. If you are looking for an ultrasound guided injection with a true expert, Rob from Sonoscope should be your first port of call.
Gem AlirizaGem Aliriza
23:03 22 May 22
Great experience, I took my elderly nan for inflamed arthritis of the knee. She’s been in a lot of pain and discomfort.Rob is great, explains everything clearly. My nan is very happy. She only got one knee done. Now she’s saying She wants to go back to see Rob to do her other knee. Friendly, informative and efficient service. We’d highly recommend. Great service.
Matt SmythMatt Smyth
20:41 21 Apr 22
Rob was amazing.He kept me informed and explained the procedure step by step, happy to answer my never-ending questions.This helped immensely as it was the 1st time having this treatment and therefore was pretty nervous. Robs friendliness and reassurance kept me calm and would highly recommend him.
Katherine MortimerKatherine Mortimer
08:38 20 Apr 22
Excellent service. Diagnosis and treatment all completed in one visit.Condition and outcome explained in a simple but comprehensive way. Empathetic practitioner.Would highly recommend.
Phil WilsonPhil Wilson
08:05 04 Apr 22
I received a thorough and detailed examination of my wrist injury. The past history was fully discussed and my options were clearly described.The ultrasound guided injection was carried out in a professional reassuring manner. Thank you
Natasha EaglingNatasha Eagling
14:00 28 Mar 22
I definitely recommend.Rob is friendly and professional. He explains everything to you, in terminology that you understand which is super helpful.
Lisa CunninghamLisa Cunningham
11:18 26 Mar 22
I would like to say how professional Robert Mast was in dealing with my Mum’s painful knee problem. We got the appointment within 36 hours, and Robert was not only very informative regarding the treatment, but was most helpful in suggesting some alternatives to consider for the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Robert for his expertise and patient care.Marilyn Cunningham26 March 2022
Nick Kenyon-MuirNick Kenyon-Muir
21:16 20 Feb 22
Professional, friendly and informative service that is focused on helping athletes resolve their injuries and get back to training. Would recommend.
Melissa WrightMelissa Wright
12:46 11 Feb 22
I found Robert to be very professional, and he gave great advice to me for my ongoing knee injury. I had a very thorough ultrasound during which everything was explained concisely and in great detail. Afterwards a full write up was sent to me with details, and strengthening exercises and advice. I would highly recommend Sonoscope.co.uk, and would definitely go back with any future injuries. Thank you Robert
peter catopeter cato
21:01 08 Feb 22
We couldn't have asked to be treated better or quicker.Brilliant service and a very kind considerate practice.We would have no hesitation in recommending Rob, a true professional and my mothers shoulder is at long last free from pain.
Denis O'DonoghueDenis O'Donoghue
12:00 29 Jan 22
I was referred to Sonoscope by my Physio after having several sessions of treatment on my shoulder without satisfactory success. I was very apprehensive having not had this type of treatment before, however, my worries were totally misplaced. Filling in the pre-treatment form was a little tedious but once you get into the clinic and meet Rob Mast you begin to relax. He endeavour's to explain everything in lay mans terms, and walks you through the whole procedure. He warns you the injection might hurt, but in all honesty, I'm a bit of a wimp, but the pain was far less than I had to bear continually from my shoulder/hand and was really not bad at all. The injections began to work quite quickly for me so I am over the moon and would have no worries whatsoever in returning for more treatment. I have never been more willing to recommend anybody before.
keith bradleykeith bradley
15:00 18 Jan 22
Rob's Ultrasound screen visual of my damaged shoulder was very enlightening, he identified the areas of my shoulder that were of concern and suggested what the best treatment would be. The session was clear and precise and I would recommend Sonoscope Ultrasound
Valerie VanderbroeckValerie Vanderbroeck
19:04 29 Dec 21
I was pleased with the treatment that I received to my shoulder. Rob Mast was professional and punctual and took time to explain his opinion to me and what were the uncertainties involved.I attended for injection into the glenohumeral joint for frozen shoulder (6 months since onset) but because I was experiencing extreme pain at a different part of my shoulder (2 days since onset) he took the trouble to understand this new event and offer the cortisone injection in a different location. This injection alleviated the pain and I was able to return two weeks later for the planned frozen shoulder injection.
Ulrike HohnUlrike Hohn
12:18 19 Dec 21
The whole experience was very good and professional.I was a bit nervous before going in, but the lovely and friendly receptionist soon cheered me up.Rob was friendly , calm and very professional.He explained everything and showed me the procedure while showing me the area going to be treated on the ultrasound screen step by step.I highly recommend Rob and would certainly go back if I should require further treatment
Robert RobinsonRobert Robinson
08:53 01 Dec 21
Could not be happier with the care I received at Sonoscope. My treatment has been very effective, and now I am pain free after many months of discomfort. The entire staff treated me with kindness and professionalism. I am happy that I found them.
purdey silvesterpurdey silvester
12:07 20 Sep 21
My Dad first used Rob for an injection in his knee which worked really well and has significantly improved his mobility and pain. I have used Rob for 'acute tennis elbow' and have had a similar response.Rob is very professional and takes the time to explain what he is looking at on the ultrasound and what he is doing to do and why.I would certainly recommend.
Jane StephensJane Stephens
14:43 02 Sep 21
I saw Rob with a frozen shoulder, which he ultrasounded then injected. He was very thorough, kind, and professional. He explained what he was doing and why, and I feel very confident in his skills. My shoulder improved a huge amount after, and I can 100% recommend him.
Sasha DeanSasha Dean
10:28 29 Jun 21
Would highly recommend Rob, he seemed to be an expert in his field. Was told my shoulder would need an MRI after I had the guided injection to ease my pain. The MRI appointment was handled by Rob and the appointment was set up within the week. I am just waiting on my results of this and am hopeful I will very soon be pain free. Highly recommend. Five star service.
Crista LyonCrista Lyon
09:03 26 Mar 21
Good experience, expertly handled by Robert Mast. He quickly identified the problem on my foot whilst pointing out to me on the ultrasound device the extent of the inflammation . He pinpointed the entry for injection very accurately , and I have experienced little or no pain thereafter. Hopefully this will work for several months, and once another jab was needed , there or elsewhere in my joints, would not hesitate to go back.
Mary ThomasMary Thomas
11:10 08 Mar 21
Highly recommend this professional Clinician Ultrasound carried out under COVID restrictions. Detailed report of findings and treatment received within days.
Margo LindsayMargo Lindsay
16:12 08 Feb 21
I recently had an ultrasound injection at the clinic and was very pleased with the service I received. People were friendly and helpful and the procedure was carried out in a professional and client friendly manner by Robert Mast. Procedures were explained as they were being carried out with the opportunity to ask for further information and/or clarification. I would most definitely go back for further treatment, if required.
Roger MacRoger Mac
08:25 20 Jan 21
Contacted them on a Saturday 16th Jan. 2021 and had the treatment on Tuesday 19th,I was seen at the booked time by very pleasant professionals.The injection was swiftly and professionally administered.12 hours later the pain is very very much reduced and I am hoping for no pain after 24 hours
Bride PerfectionBride Perfection
14:39 04 Nov 20
I saw Dr.Mast at the London clinic, as I have an injury on my right foot and waiting times for the NHS are impossible at the moment. I was given an appointment quickly (thankfully, as the pain was getting unbearable!) and him and his nurse were attentive and professional. He explained what he was seeing on the ultrasound scan and the steroid injection went without incident. I will be going back in 6-8 months as needed!
Ryan BRyan B
08:45 03 Nov 20
I had a great experience with Rob. He's very knowledgeable and is a true professional with his work. I had chronic pain in my shoulder and the US guided injection has provided relief.
Ifty ParvazIfty Parvaz
09:50 02 Nov 20
Extremely professional with the best advice i could have had for my Frozen shoulder. Was very well informed about coarse of treatment and it was administered perfectly. Have laready recommmended to family.
I was really impressed with Rob Mast. He gave me a steroid injection in the hip which I was due to have on the NHS but I didn't wish to wait several months. I have quite a bit of hip history and bombarded Rob with a lot of information and he's pretty much the only person, aside for the surgeon, who has comprehended it accurately! He listens intently and you get the feeling he's really trying to get it right. A very pleasant, mellow person too. You'll be in great hands!
Scott NewtonScott Newton
15:17 11 Jun 20
As a keen club runner - having run over 18 full marathons and 2 ultra-marathons - Rob’s combined expert physiotherapy and ultrasound guided injection skills have allowed me to compete at 3 ‘A race’ events over the past 10 years. Without his specialised ultrasound guided injection skills, two separate knee and an ankle injury would have prevented me from running and wasted months of training. I would recommend Rob unreservedly.
Bob OudheusdenBob Oudheusden
21:02 09 Jun 20
I had a chronically inflamed bursa in my shoulder for almost two years. Nothing helped. I had injections done as well but still no help. I walked around with pain for a long time and had trouble sleeping.I then had an injection at Sonoscope. The ultrasound guided injection was done by Rob who clearly knew his stuff and explained the injection in detail. He made me feel at ease. The injection was almost painless and exactly into the bursa. Within a week I was pain free! This allowed me to progress further with exercises. He would highly recommend his services !(Bob)

What happens during the ultrasound-guided joint injections?

During your visit to our pain clinic, you will receive an expert clinical assessment followed by a diagnostic ultrasound scan to determine whether injection therapy is the correct treatment for you. This will help to evaluate the source of your pain symptoms and to identify the correct area to inject the ultrasound-guided joint injections.

What if the ultrasound guided injection is not for me?

If ultrasound guided injection therapy is not thought to be appropriate for you will be given a full explanation of the assessment findings including advice regarding appropriate management. In that case, you will only be charged a fee for the ultrasound scan, but not for the injection.

What is included in our ultrasound guided injection fees?


Areas in red are often areas of referred pain from the spine and not joint. Steroid injections in these areas may not target the source of the pain (the spine). 

If unsure about the source of your pain, please discuss it further with us.

List of ultrasound-guided procedures

The list of injectable structures with cortisone steroid injections displayed in the adjacent box is not exhaustive and does not include all structures that we inject.

Please contact us directly if the condition that you are looking for is not listed, as we might still be able to help you.

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Please note

Injections are not given to any person of 16 years of age or younger. Unfortunately we cannot provide injections for professional football players for reasons of insurance.

Injection information leaflet

Please make sure that you have read the relevant patient information leaflets on the relevant type of injection (steroid or Hyaluronic acid) to ensure that injection therapy is appropriate for you. Once you have been booked for an appointent you will be asked to complete an online form with questions about the condition you are sufereing from as well as questions about your general medical health this form helps us to plan the procedure and make sure it is an appropriate treatment for you.

Informed consent

On the day of the injection you will be asked to sign an informed consent form. Please make sure that you have read all the information on the injection you will be having including risks and side effects. Without being aware of the risks and side effects you will not be able to provide informed consent so please take some time to read this before your injection.

Advantages of ultrasound-guided Injections

Musculoskeletal ultrasound has a great many advantages over other types of diagnostic imaging. The many benefits of ultrasound-guided injections include:

Being safe, noninvasive, and painless.
Being widely available and uncomplicated to use
Being far less expensive than MRI and CT scans
Having the ability to show clear pictures of soft tissue (unlike X-rays)
Showing images in real-time to guide injections and other procedures
Not contraindicated for those with pacemakers and other implants
Providing very clear images

Ultrasound-guided injections, therefore, present a major step forward in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.

Are Ultrasound Guided Procedures Safe?

High-resolution ultrasound guidance during injection procedures dramatically increases their safety, since the injections are accurately targeted to the treatment site.

There is a plethora of research studies concluding that ultrasound-guided needle procedures significantly enhance patient safety and quality of care. At the same time, ultrasound-guided procedures eliminate complications that can arise from “blind” needling therapies and injections.

Sonoscope also offers hydrodistention injections as well as hyaluronic injections

Injections are not given to any person of 16 years of age or younger. Unfortunately we cannot provide injections for professional football players for reasons of insurance.


Meet Rob - Our Ultrasound Guided Injections Specialist Physiotherapist

Rob is a specialist Extended Scope Physiotherapist with more than 20 years of experience in managing complex musculoskeletal conditions.

He uses diagnostic ultrasound as an extension of his clinical skills.  He is an interventional sonographer in a busy radiology department of a central London Foundation Trust Hospital.

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