Informed consent for injection therapy

Clinical informed consent form

Please complete our clinical information and injection consent form before any treatment takes place.

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COVID-19 and steroid injections

Steroid injections may temporarily reduce the immune response to the COVID Vaccine. Please click here for the detailed and regularly updated ARMA (Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance) guidance :

Scroll down the ARMA webpage to item 13 which is the guidance on steroid injection and the COVID vaccine

Did you answer yes to either of the two questions above regarding COVID vaccination?
The steroid injection should be delayed. In order to mount good immune response following the COVID vaccine a steroid injection should not be carried out two weeks before or in a period of two weeks after the COVID vaccine.

COVID -19 declarations

Please read the following COVID-19 specific declarations and confirm you have read and agree with each one by checking the box for each: (agreeing with the declarations by ticking the boxes is recommended /advisable but is at your personal discretion)

I accept the terms and conditions as stated on this website and I have ticked all the declarations (as is recommended but not compulsary) .

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If you have problems submitting the form then contact us on: 07999 923844

Injection information leaflets

Please see below a patient information leaflet discussing the additional risks of having steroid injections during the COVID pandemic published (23.10.2020)


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