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Ultrasound guided hip joint injection

Hip injections. Is there a need for ultrasound guidance?

Guided or blind injections? What does the evidence say? This blog explores the evidence around accuracy and safety in relation to ultrasound guided vs unguided hip joint injections.


What is hydrodistension? This blog explains the principle behind hydrodistension injections. It also looks at the evidence for its benefit when compared with regular steroid injections.
ultrasound guided knee injection

Could regular use of steroid injections reduce hyaline cartilage in Osteoarthritic knees?

This study indicates that there is radiographic evidence of thinning of knee joint cartilage with frequently repeated steroid injections when compared with a control group.
Confusing decisions on injections options

Injection therapy. Steroid-, Hyaluronic acid- or Hydrodistension injection. Which option is best for me?

This blog gives a short introduction to the most common injection options. It will then give a brief appraisal of each injection option and their relative benefits and disadvantages.
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Hydrodistension injection for frozen shoulder- A patients’ perspective

This patients' account is in relation to Rebecca who had a 3 month old frozen shoulder. Which was having a major impact on her mobility and she also had high levels of pain.She describes how my hydrodistension injection of her shoulder made an impact on her symptoms.