How much do steroid injections cost privately?

cost of ultrasound guided cortisone injection


What's the cost of ultrasound guided cortisone injections?

At Sonoscope we understand the cost of ultrasound guided injections can sometimes be quite daunting, especially when you discover extra fees are often attached. At Sonoscope however, we offer an all-inclusive service with no hidden fees or surprises.  We are keen to provide you with a seamless service., our injection package, therefore, has no hidden charges and always includes:

  • A thorough clinical examination by an extremely experienced specialist physiotherapist who is also a qualified and very experienced interventional sonographer
  • A diagnostic ultrasound scan
  • An ultrasound-guided injection
  • A written clinical- and diagnostic report includes the exact drugs used, the procedure performed and any further advice.
  • Advice and guidance on how to manage post injection

The specialist clinician managing your care is also a recognised independent prescriber of medicines. This means that he will be able to prescribe the appropriate injectable drugs himself without needing a prescription from your GP or specialist. This will speed up the entire process.

For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch today, and we will put you in the fast lane to recovery by making the most of your time and resources.

All inclusive fees & services offered by Sonoscope Ltd.


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Meet Rob - Our Specialist Physiotherapist/ Sonographer

Rob is a specialist Extended Scope Physiotherapist with more than 20 years experience in managing complex musculoskeletal conditions.

He uses diagnostic ultrasound as an extension of his clinical skills.  He is an interventional sonographer in a busy radiology department of a central London Foundation Trust Hospital .

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