What is Advanced Practice Physiotherapy?

Advanced practice (AP) enables physiotherapists to incorporate advanced level skills and knowledge within their physiotherapy practice.
These Advanced Practice Physiotherapists (APPs) use their skills to address complex decision-making processes in the management
of patients with a range of presentations in both intervention and preventive care. APPs have completed an advanced programme of
studies beyond their initial physiotherapy training which will include the development of a range of skills and knowledge such as for example independent

What does this mean in practice?

  • The advanced practice physio will use a combination of advanced skills, knowledge and attitudes which enables him to address complex problems and manage risk in unpredictable contexts
  • The advanced practice physiotherapist will us advanced critical thinking todeliver care to patients with complex needs safely and competently.
  • The advanced practice physiotherapist has the ability to recognise and manage unfamiliar presentations, recognising where a clinical presentation
    is outside an individual’s scope and take appropriate action.

What can I expect from Sonoscope?

At Sonoscope we are committed to provide the highest level of care for our patients. To deliver the One-Stop-Clinic experience the levels of skills required by the practioner have to be of the highest level of advanced practice physiotherapy

Robert Mast who is the owner and clinical director of Sonoscope ultrasound guided injections is a a highly trained and (CASE accredited) qualified expert in diagnostic ultrasound as well as an independent prescriber of medicines and an experienced injector. He has worked in the NHS for many years in specialist MSK services managing complex musculoskeletal conditions. He is also employed as a specialist MSK sonographer in a busy NHS radiology department performing many diagnostic ultrasound scans and ultrasound guided interventions for those with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. In addition to that he is an experienced educator and runs university based (Brunel University) diagnostic ultrasound as well as ultrasound guided injections programs.

You can rest assured that the care provided is the complete integrated package .

  • You will receive a clinical assessment (taking the history and carrying out an expert physical assessment)
  • You will then have a diagnostic ultrasound scan
  • If indicated you may then also have an ultrasound guided injection

This will all be done within the one session