What is the cost of corticosteroid injections?

If you are in pain, and you don’t want to wait forever in the hospital queue, you might be considering a private ultrasound guided cortisone injection in the UK and you want to know exactly how much a steroid injection cost privately.

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer. Well, there is, but the answer is “it depends on where you live and the medical establishment you choose for your treatment”.

Researching the price of cortisone joint injections online, we found that there is a wide span of prices, starting from as low as £200 to more than £600.

What is the cost of joint injection procedures at Sonoscope?

Sonoscope offers one stop diagnosis and treatment plan that includes initial assessment with physical examination and diagnostic ultrasound and the ultrasound guided injection in a single appointment.

Like it is not enough having painful joints or arthritis in some clinics, you have to make multiple visits and pay for them: one visit for the initial consultation and the treatment with a consultant. These arrangements delay your needed injections for pain relief.

Our price of ultrasound guided injections incluse your consulation fee your examination and ultrasound diagnosis as well as the injection itself!.

Find all our treatment prices on the treatment cost page.

If during the diagnostic tests we find out your condition is not suitable for the injection shot treatment you will only be charged for the consultation and ultrasound scan and a report will be provided to you with our recommendations.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. We have a clear and transparent pricing policy and our quoted treatment price is all-inclusive with no hidden additional charges.

Which locations can I have an injection?

Sonoscope injection clinics are conveniently based in Hertfordshire, easily accessible and offer an efficient patient journey.

You can find more information about our clinics as well as how to book your appointment.

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