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What is the One Stop Ultrasound-Guided Injection Clinic?

The Sonoscope clinic offers a range of cortisone injections to address health issues with your joints, muscles and soft tissues to reduce clients symptoms and pain at the injection site.

The Cortisone Injection clinic is run by an expert physiotherapist who has many years (20+) of experience in managing complex musculoskeletal conditions. He is an experienced ultrasonographer who performs in excess of a thousand joint injections under ultrasound guidance each year.

This skill set allows him to offer a unique service approach that includes a consultation, an assessment, an ultrasound scan as well as a guided injection, all within the same session.

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Ultrasound-guided injection  treatments provide many patients with relief at the target site from many degenerative disease conditions as well as from soft tissue disorders and sports or accidental injuries, including:

Rheumatoid arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Rotator cuff injuries
Pinched nerves
Tennis elbow
Meniscus tears
Hamstring injuries
Plantar fasciitis
Hip Joint Injections
Knee joint
Hip Joint

Please note: the above is not an exhaustive list of all conditions that we can treat but a number  of the most common healthcare conditions that may benefit from corticosteroid injections rather than surgery. Many more conditions can benefit from steroid injections. So please call our office if your condition is not listed, as we might still be able to help!

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Ultrasound Guided Injections

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hours spent performing diagnostic ultrasounds


of successful injection procedures carried out


of experience with the ultrasound profession


Successfully trained 500 + clinicians in MSK ultrasound



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What happens during an ultrasound examination?

Ultrasound is a safe and painless method of examining parts of the body using high frequency sound waves, this produces a picture onto a
screen to guide the joint injection.

There is no real preparation for the examination other then to make sure that the body part to be scanned is easily accessible and not covered by clothing so that it can be easily scanned. During your appointment, you will  usually be asked to sit on a chair or examination plinth or asked to lie either face down or face up. In order to get the best quality images you will be asked to hold your limbs in specific positions.

Once you are properly positioned a sheet of tissue paper may be placed over you to protect any clothing from the ultrasound gel. The gel will be applied to your skin and can easily be wiped off at the end of the examination. This gel is water soluble and will not cause damage to your skin or clothing.

The ultrasound probe will rest on our skin in the area of the injection performed and will be moved in different directions to visualise surrounding soft tissue and guide the needle for the ultrasound injections.

Sonoscope offers joint injections, tendon injections, knee injections and hip injections for joint pain.

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5 star reviews Sonoscope

Attentive and professional

I saw Dr.Mast at the London clinic, as I have an injury on my right foot and waiting times from the NHS providers are impossible at the moment. I was given an appointment quickly (thankfully, as the pain was getting unbearable and affects my ability to work) and him and his nurse were attentive and professional. He explained what he was seeing on the ultrasound scan, and the local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory steroid injection went without incident. I will be going back in 6-8 months as needed!

Bride Perfection

5 star reviews Sonoscope

Expert physiotherapy

As a keen club runner - having run over 18 full marathons and 2 ultra-marathons - Rob’s combined expert physiotherapy and steroids ultrasound guided injection skills have allowed me to compete at 3 ‘A race’ events over the past 10 years. Without his specialised ultrasound guided injection skills, two separate knee and an ankle injury would have prevented me from running and wasted months of training. I would recommend Rob unreservedly.

Scot Newton

5 star reviews Sonoscope

Highly recommend

I had a chronically inflamed bursa in my shoulder for almost two years. Nothing helped. I had injections done at hospitals as well but still no help. I walked around with pain for a long time and had trouble sleeping and affected my family life.
I then had an injection at Sonoscope. The ultrasound guided injection was done by Rob, who clearly knew his stuff and explained the injection approach in detail. He made me feel at ease. The needle placement was almost painless with no side effects and exactly into the bursa. Within a week, I was pain free! This allowed me to progress further with exercises. He would highly recommend his services !

Bob Oudheusden
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Meet Rob - Our Specialist Physiotherapist/ Sonographer

Rob is a specialist Advanced Practice Physiotherapist with more than 30 years experience in managing complex musculoskeletal conditions.

He uses diagnostic ultrasound as an extension of his clinical skills.  He is an interventional sonographer in a busy radiology department of a central London Foundation Trust Hospital.

He is an experienced educator in musculoskeletal ultrasound. He has trained many 100s of health professionals in diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided injections.

He has worked with The Ultrasound Site a well known provider of high quality ultrasound education for more then 10 years, delivering many private courses in musculosketeal ultrasound

He also is an Honorary Lecturer at Brunel University on the CASE accredited Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound  PgCert program,  as well on the Ultrasound Guided Injection program.

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Steroid Injection Facts

1. Ultrasound guided injections are a type of procedure where a needle is inserted into the body with the help of an ultrasound machine.

2. This type of procedure is often used for injecting medication into joints, muscles, or tendons.

3. It can also be used to aspirate fluid from joints.

4. Ultrasound guided injections are generally considered to be more accurate than traditional injections.

5. The ultrasound machine helps the practitoner to see where the needle is going and to avoid hitting any vital structures.

6. The procedure is usually done with the patient sitting or lying down on a treatment plinth.

7. A gel is applied to the skin to help the ultrasound waves travel through the body.

8. The practitioner will then use the ultrasound machine to guide the needle into the desired area.

9. Once the needle is in place, the medication is injected.

10. The whole procedure usually takes less than 30 minutes.


1. Ultrasound guided injections are more accurate than blind injections, with a success rate of 97% compared to 83% for blind injections.

2. They are also less likely to cause complications, with a complication rate of just 1% compared to 7% for blind injections.

3. Ultrasound guided injections are faster than blind injections with no guessing.

4. They are also less painful, with a pain score of just 2.3 on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to 4.5 for blind injections.

5. Ultrasound guided injections are more expensive than blind injections, as additional skills are required.

6. However, many patients find the extra cost worth it for the increased accuracy and decreased pain.

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